7 Top Facebook Ad Management Tools in 2023 [Features & Pricing]

Nandita Kiran

Nandita Kiran

Looking for the best tool to automate your Facebook ads? Here’s a list of the top 10 Facebook ad management tools in 2023 to improve your leads and sales.

According to recent figures, the number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of the 3rd quarter of 2022 is over 2.9 billion. When you have the largest social media network with millions of active users at your fingertips, you don’t have to go elsewhere to market your product or service! 

Number of Monthly Active Facebook Users
Number of Monthly Active Facebook Users

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to run ads and drive traffic to your website cost-effectively while also reaching a wider audience than organic posts. Ideally, everyone would like to drive tens of thousands, if not millions, of visitors to their website by running Ads on Facebook without having to spend much.

We say “Ideally” because every company, agency, and digital marketer out there is trying to drive sales-qualified customers to their website cost-effectively and requires their Ads to reach their exact target, which is pretty challenging even for an experienced marketing team.

A recent survey by the AdVize team in October 2022 on the Challenges Faced by Digital Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Running Social Media Ads revealed that 67% of the respondents ranked Poor ROAS/ROI as the biggest challenge they faced. The main reason for this has been attributed to rising campaign costs and the inability to fix them. Additionally, many complained about the unpredictability of the results of ad campaigns.

The main reason for this has been attributed to rising campaign costs and the inability to fix them. Additionally, many complained about the unpredictability of the results of ad campaigns.

The participants also cited the unpredictability of ROAS was high for SMEs and startups and not being sure about budget optimization and its impact on ROAS. And to add to the chaos of it all, Facebook constantly changes its algorithm, which can pull the plug on your efforts altogether.

And to add to the chaos of it all, Facebook constantly changes its algorithm, which can pull the plug on your efforts altogether.

In light of all the above problems mentioned above, we compiled a list of 7 Facebook Ad Management Tools that can make your lives easier by ensuring that your marketing strategy and efforts pay off. These tools can make advertising a breeze by helping you set up new ad campaigns that target relevant audiences, optimize and modify existing ad campaigns to improve KPIs such as ROAS, CTR, CPC and more, and finally, these tools also provide actionable insights and reports in real-time.

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Benefits of Facebook Ad Management Tools

Benefits of Facebook Ad Management Tools

Automating your Facebook ad management is easy with a reliable  ad management tool. Let’s look at some of the top benefits.

Marketing reachability 

Facebook is a global social media platform used by billions of people. Therefore, by running Facebook ads effectively using a robust Facebook ads tool, you will reach the farthest of people on the globe more quickly than you can achieve through organic posts. 

Target More Specific Audiences

Apart from being able to target a broader audience based on demographic, interests and behaviour, Facebook Ad Management Tools also allow you to target people based on shared traits and people who have previously interacted with your business. This type of audience is called a custom audience. There is another type of targeting called lookalike audience targeting, where you tell Facebook to find people similar to the people in your custom audience. Based on the goal of your ad campaign, selecting the target audience can greatly improve its performance.

Robust Analytics

Another top benefit of a meta ads manager is reports and analytics! It gives you a clear idea about the performance of your ads and helps you decide what changes to make in your next ad campaign.  

Set Multiple Objectives

By using Facebook ad management tools, you can set multiple objectives based on your goal. For example, run customised ads to get page likes or website clicks, allowing you to gain better results quickly! 

Generate Leads at Low-Cost

Most Facebook ad management tools are affordable. It means you can quickly generate new leads and gain more customers at a low cost. So if you spend a small amount of money on Facebook ads, the return will be worth every penny.

Now let us look at the Facebook ad management tools in detail. Again, using these tools requires no prior experience, so let us dive right into the list without further delay.

Top 7 Facebook Ad Management Tools in 2023

1. AdVize


AdVize is a simple, intuitive Facebook ad management platform to manage all your ads campaigns across various accounts. With the help of AI and ML algorithms AdVize focuses on providing actionable insights to optimization ad campaigns and improve ROAS and other key metrics.

AdVize offers three simple features to optimize your ads – Boost, Modify and Stop. Based on artificial intelligence AdVize shows you the ads for which the budget can be increased to increase metrics – Boost. Modify is a feature that provides insights and recommended actions to modify ad campaigns to improve performance. And finally Stop is for ads that do not work, you can stop these ads to save unnecessary spending. Apart from Facebook, AdVize can also be used to manage Instagram ads

Top Benefits

  • Easily track entire ad campaign, measure the performance of your ads, see which ones work, etc.
  • Accurate solutions and insights provided by AdVize’s AI can increasing your ROAS easily. No more guessing game!
  • Easily target the right audience using the powerful AI tools and performance insights offered by AdVize.
  • A intuitive and  clean dashboard helps you monitor and manage all your ads from various sources in a single place.
  • 14 Days Free Trial with full AdVize features to optimise your ads.
  • A proactive and responsive customer support to troubleshoot all your problems.


You can start optimizing your ads with the help of our AI & ML algorithm starting at $29 a month for 1 ad account and for the very low cost of $199 a month you get access to integrate unlimited ad accounts. To know more visit our Pricing Page.

2. Hootsuite Ads


Hootsuite is a common name that you will find in every list of the best social media ad management tools because it is a popular player in this field and has a huge customer base across the world. But apart from social media management, Hootsuite is also a Facebook ad management tool.

With a built-in feature that can choose the shape, photo, and text for your ad automatically, your ad will be ready in a jiffy. You literally have to do nothing but approve the ad, and you’re good to go. Though the built-in tool can help you create fast ad copies, it is recommended to write your own copy to make it more unique.

Best Features

  • Hootsuite is a feature-rich comprehensive platform that is suitable for larger organizations.
  • Automatically scans your Facebook pages/profiles to select the best post to advertise.
  • Hootsuite can integrate with a large number of channels like Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Generate analytical reports on the performance of ad campaigns.


The professional plan for Hootsuite starts at $49 a month which only allows 1 user and 10 social accounts. On the higher side the business plan costs $739 a month allowing 5 users 35 social accounts.

3. Revealbot


Revealbot is a Facebook automation tool, that allows users to automate the process of ad management on autopilot. It’s automated rule constructor offers features to write complex automation rules using AND/OR operators, multiple metrics – both custom and in-built, custom timeframe and other such metrics.

With lots of features and possibilities to create complex automation rules, the learning curve for using this Facebook automation tool can be a high for those new to automation.

Best Features

  • Crustom metrics allow you to create your own automation formula, unique to you. 
  • You can run automation as frequently as every 15 minutes
  • Apply rules to multiple ads
  • Edit rules quickly with bulk edit feature.


Revealbot’s paid version is based on your monthly ad spend across all connected ad accounts. Revealbot cost $83/month for up to $10K on ad spends across all connected accounts and $2,519/ month for up to $3M on ad spends. 

4. AdStage


AdStage is another Facebook automation tool that can help you save a lot of time spent of reporting. AdStage can also create ads for platforms like LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Bing, Twitter apart from Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

This tool allows you to budget, compare and pause multiple ads in the same time. Similar to Revealbot this tool also has a high learning curve with many feature to automate the ad management process.

Best Features

  • Google sheet integration allows you to get account details and ad campaign metrics.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • API allows you to transfer data to another software.
  • Generate and analyse reports on multiple ad campaigns.


AdStage has different pricing for each of its products Report start at $149/month, Automate costs $199/month, Data API feature starts at $699/ month and the Google Sheet integration is priced at $29/month. Users can also request a custom quote from them should they need.

5. AdEspresso


Another popular ad management tool is AdExpresso, a platform that is used especially for creating, testing and optimizing ads. This tool allows you to carry out complex A/B testing to find the best-performing ad and also run performance tests to check multiple ads. It also allows you to integrate Instagram and Google ads 

AdEspresso is a great automation tool for Facebook ads, but many of its users have reported difficulties with campaign setup and testing, while some users have found AdEspresso’s customer support unhelpful in resolving critical issues.

Best Features

  • A professional tool for testing and finding the best-performing ad campaigns.
  • PDF reports automatically generated on a daily, weekly and or monthly basis.
  • Useful analytics that provides more data compared to Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Stats on best and worst-performing Facebook ads.


The starter plan of AdEspresso starts at $49 per month, but with an ad spend limit: of $1,000/month. You can get the complete AdEspresso experience in the enterprise plan priced at $259 per month that allows you to manage an unlimited ad spend.

6. AdRoll


Adroll is Facebook ad management software that is designed specifically for medium and large businesses that use automation and CRM tools. AdRoll is able to create lookalike audiences based on the imported data from your CRM tool and target them specifically.

AdRoll lets you run different types of ads like single-image, video, and carousel and has a single format for the single image ads that is optimized for use in all possible placements on Facebook and Instagram.

As AdRoll was designed for medium to large businesses, smaller agencies and startups can find it difficult to use as the tools can be fairly complex for the inexperienced user. It is not common for small businesses to start with a free account and end up spending thousands on tools without knowing how to use all of its features.

Best Features

  • Campaign Optimization and Dashboard
  • Bulk Ad Editing and Uploading
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Easy to create and run ads
  • Set up retargeting campaigns


.AdRoll’s pricing is based on the number of monthly unique visitors to your website. The tool costs $32/ month upto 1000 MUV, and increases upto $315/month for 31,500 unique monthly visits.

7. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a standard tool that helps you create, manage and optimize your ad campaigns without hassles! It’s a perfect tool for beginners since you don’t need much technical knowledge to use it. Even though Facebook Ads Manager is very basic, it’s widely used by millions of companies around the world for its simplicity. A beginner in Facebook advertising can easily use the essential tools features to create ads, manage them, analyze them and optimize them.

With the environment of the ad manager similar to that of the social media platform, beginners will feel at home when using the tool. This is the reason why people start out by using Facebook ad manager and later on move to more intuitive and functional management tools as shown above in this list.

Best Features

  • Pixel Helper.
  • Facebook Analytics.
  • Campaign Budget Optimization.
  • Familiarity in working environment.
  • Dynamic creative to improve your ads.
  • Perform A/B testing to find best ad.


Facebook’s native ad management tool is free to use.


As you already know, managing ad campaigns manually is a hectic and time consuming process, that is why we have Ad Management Tools, to make your job much easier. Each Facebook ad management tool in this list offers different features at different price ranges. Few tools are good for A/B testing and getting performance insights, other are a great tool for automation and some just make your live easier by letting you manage all your social media ad accounts in a single location.

But if you are looking for a tool that is focused on providing insights and corrective measures to optimize your ad campaigns, be it Facebook or Instagram, then AdVize is the one for you. Our tool uses AI and ML algorithm to check the performance of your ads report on any shortcomings and areas that can be optimized to improve the cost-effectiveness of your ads. 

If you want a complete Facebook ad management tool that focuses on improving your ROAS at an affordable cost, give AdVize a try. 

Join our waitlist now and make smarter and faster ad optimizations on Facebook and Instagram at 80% off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Facebook ad tools? 

Simply put, Facebook ad tools help you manage all your ads, pages, accounts, etc., from one centralized location. Most of these helpful tools are affordable and easy to use. 

What are the best Facebook ad tools?

Even though thousands of Facebook ad management tools are available in the market today, we recommend you use AdVize. It focuses on three simple actions: – Boost, Modify and Stop! 

How do I manage my ads on Facebook? 

Follow these steps to manage your ads on Facebook;

  • Create brand new ads based on your objective.
  • Target the right audience
  • Set up your ad budget
  • Run your ads across multiple platforms
  • Test ads which perform the best
  • Analyze the reports, gain insights and adjust your ad campaigns accordingly

All these steps can be performed efficiently using a robust Facebook ad tool like AdVize.

Is Facebook Ads Manager software? 

Yes, Facebook Ads Manager is a dedicated software using which you can easily manage your digital ads and related activities. Initially, you may have to subscribe and then start using the software from any device from anywhere using the internet.

What are the four main types of Facebook ads?

The four main Facebook ad types are single image, video, slideshow and carousel.

  • Single Image Ad: Consists of one image, headline, text and call to action. 
  • Video Ad: Consist of a short video, mostly less than 30 seconds, to market a product or service.
  • Slideshow Ad: Slideshow ads normally feature a story of a company or several products or services offered by a company.
  •  Carousel Ad: Carousel ads are similar to slideshow ads, but users can scroll through multiple images or videos at their own pace.

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