10 Facebook Ad Best Practices To Follow For Better Engagement, Reach, Conversions And ROI in 2023



If you are a freelance social media marketer or a small business owner or agency, your goal on Facebook is to reach as many potential customers as possible to showcase your business. Facebook ads give you the best opportunity to reach your potential leads.

Comparison facebook and instagram

According to a global survey on the leading social media platforms used by marketers.

  • 93% of social media marketers used Facebook to promote their business.
  • While 78%  of marketers also did so via Instagram.

Is spending a lot of money running ads the only way forward to outdo your competitors? 

NO, by having a proper Facebook Ad strategy and by following a few best practices you can ensure efficient spending of your advertising budget and generate more conversions and revenue.

In this article we list out the 10 best practices for Facebook Ads that can help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

By following these 10 best practices you are guaranteed to get more engagement, better impressions and wider reach, boosting conversions and increasing ROAS on Facebook.

List of 10 Best Practices for Facebook Ads to Increase Your KPIs in 2023

1. Know Your Target Audience

The first and foremost thing you must do as a social media marketer is to get to know your target audience. Without having a clear idea of who your target audience are, you will not be able to properly target them with your ads.

 Creating a buyer persona is the first step to understanding your target audience. By creating a buyer persona you get a basic idea of the demographic to target. This will help you set up brand awareness campaigns on Facebook Ads to reach a wide audience. A buyer persona is the first step to boost your ROI.

Getting to know your target audience

Targeting is one of those things that most marketers take for granted in Facebook ads, mainly because they believe, the more people they reach, the more conversions they get. That’s absolutely wrong. 

Facebook ads is about showing your brand/business before the right people at the right time. This way, you will be able to make more ROI, and the first step to this is having a clear image of who your target audience are.

Identify users who are or will be interested in your product or service.

These are the people who:

  • Are looking for a product or service to solve their problems.
  • Have previously used or experienced a similar product.
  • Are using a product from your competitors.
  • Can potentially need your product or service in the future.

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2. Focus On Creating A Good Copy

The next important step after finding your target audience is to get your message across to them in a way that they can connect with. Creating a good copy that your audience engages with and would love to share is very important in social media marketing.

As Facebook and Instagram ads are known to be highly visual in nature, using the right image and colour scheme with a catchy message is important. To make a strong connection with your audience, your copy must contain three elements.

  • Persuade
  • Excite
  • Entertain

Know that even if one of the components is compromised then the chance of your ad failing to meet your campaigns goals is relatively high.

Writing engaging ad copy

Be clear and concise with your message, do not use jargon. Your audience should be able to understand with ease

  • What is it you’re offering them?
  • The benefits of your offering. 
  • Finally, what action you want them to take.

A well designed Facebook ad can fall apart if the CTA isn’t properly done. So take your time to create the right call-to-action for your ad.

3. Leveraging Video Ads

A large number of Meta – Facebook and Instagram users are consuming more and more video content on a daily basis. Video ads have a huge potential to create a positive impact on your target audience. When done correctly, video ads can easily achieve multifold results compared to image ads.

When done correctly, video ads on Instagram and Facebook can easily achieve multifold results compared to image ads.

Businesses these days have a separate strategy when it comes to video ads. Here are some tips to make the most out of your videos ads.

  • Have a strong start: The first 10 seconds of the video is very valuable, as people usually leave within a few seconds if you fail to capture their attention. So make sure you come strong right at the start, use persuasive language and imagery and give them what they want.
  • Be authentic and unique: Similar to how stock photos have a low impact on people when compare to uniquely created or real images, videos that look staged or ripped of from elsewhere portray a bad image.
    Facebook and Instagram is the place where you can showcase your creativity and uniqueness to connect with your audience. So make the most of it, take time to create you creative that is more human approachable and engageable. Speak directly to your prospects as if creating a one-to-one connection.
  • Include texts: It is best to use texts along with your video as sometimes there is a risk that your video’s message may not reach your audience right away. Try adding some text – an effective copy with a strong headline to get your viewers attention and keep them enticed with your video.

4. Think Mobile Friendly

Reach your target audience no matter what device they are using. It is a common fact that many people today are engrossed in their mobile phones. With the number of smartphone subscriptions increasing over the years and forecasted to grow to over 7 Billion users by 2025, it is no secret that social media has become a mobile-first experience.

Stats of smartphone subscriptions worldwide

Since you will be making ads for Facebook and Instagram, you will have to ensure that your ads are creative, attractive, and engaging for the big screen and the smaller displays. Always keep in mind to optimize your ads for mobile viewers when creating and launching your Facebook ads campaign.

As a social media marketer, you must know about various ad placements on the platform to take advantage of them to reach your audience in a better way. Focusing on a mobile-friendly experience will let you reach potential customers and engage with your audience more efficiently. So do make sure your ads look their absolute best on mobile.

As a social media marketer, you must know that by focusing on a mobile-friendly experience will let you reach potential customers and engage with your audience more efficiently. So make sure your ads look their absolute best on mobile.

5. Understanding Ad Placements

As we said before, you must know about the various ad placements available to you, to make the most effective use of them. An ad placement is where an eligible ad is displayed to a user. The various placement options are:

  • Facebook Feeds, Stories.
  • In-Stream Videos.
  • Suggested Videos.
  • Right Column
  • Instagram Feeds, Stories
  • Audience Network and also
  • Messenger

So what is the best possible ad placement for your ads? That’s the question everyone asks and the best-recommended way to run your ad campaigns according to Facebook, is to activate all available placements.

This will enable Facebook to optimize your placements and achieve your desired results cost-effectively. But as an advertiser, it is important for you to decide where you want your ads to be shown to your audience. You can experiment with placements to find the best that works for your campaign and strategy. 

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6. Consistently Monitor Your Ad Performance

The problem with traditional advertising is that there is a lot of guesswork and assumptions, as you really cannot track any metrics. You simply could not gauge how your target audience responded. But all that changed with digital advertising.

Monitoring your performance is a crucial element to the success of your business’s growth. This is where ad optimization tools come in, and one such tool that stands out is AdVize.

AdVize is an AI-based Facebook and Instagram ad optimization tool designed to efficiently manage and optimize all your ad campaigns, from multiple accounts in a single platform. What sets AdVize apart is it allows users to make decisions regarding their ads easily and quickly based on its AI insights.

AdVize provides a multitude of features in a consolidated and intuitive dashboard, integrated with the Meta Ads Manager. This makes it easier than ever to optimize your ads. It’s like having an expert ad manager at your fingertips 24/7, guiding you to make informed decisions about your ad campaigns.

7. Work with Campaign Budget Optimization

A Facebook campaigns budget optimization is process of optimizing how various ad sets use the allocated budget for an entire campaign.

A Facebook social media advertiser usually sets budgets at the sd set level, but with campaign budget optimization Facebook will automatically find the best possible way to achieve your objectives across various ad sets and allocated budget to each ad set individually.

Meta automatically finds the best performing ad sets in your campaigns and boosts their budget. This is a great feature as the algorithm takes care of most of your work as an advertiser.

It is recommended to be cautious here, if there are any campaigns that need a certain level of attention then it is best to not use campaign budget optimization features. This feature works best for campaigns that you know can be put on autorun.

If you’re still unsure about how to optimize your campaign budget. AdVize has a host of features that will do the decision making for you:

AdVize Optimize Performance
  • Boost Now: Recognizing ads with potential to perform better, AdVize offers the ‘Boost Now’ option to increase the ad budget based on the latest performance trends.
  • Modify Now: To refine underperforming ads, AdVize offers the ‘Modify Now’ option. Based on insights and AI & ML recommendations, it helps enhance ad performance by making fundamental changes to stagnant ad sets.
  • Stop Now: Not every ad is a winner. AdVize’s ‘Stop Now’ option allows you to terminate ad sets with declining performance, saving you time and money.
  • AI-Backed Recommendations: AdVize’s AI algorithms provide recommendations on how to Boost or Modify your Ad sets, giving you a competitive edge.

8. Making Most Of Retargeting

The best ting about Facebook and Instagram ads is that, you get the ability to reach your existing potential leads, leads who you make have registered in your CRM. With Facebook you are effectively able to target people who have engaged with your ads, how have visited you social media pages and your website.

This is highly advantageous as you can target these potential leads with your retargeting ads to create a greater impact. Retargeting is an important aspect of your advertising strategy, so make most out of it.

Retargeting is the best and most effective way to reconnect with your prospects or so called potential leads, who have previously had some kind of interaction with you. The reason why these people matter is because, they have a higher chance of conversionas they are already familiar with your brand and business. So with just a little nudge with retargetting can prove to be a big push.

9. Understand The Value Of Broad Targeting

Broad targeting has is purpose and it is very important to understand its use as a social media marketer. When you use very specific targeting parameters, you are effectively telling the system to serve ads only to a certain amount of people no matter what.

As an advertiser this will leave you battling budgets with your competitors as they are also probably focusing on the same small amount of people. When you go a little broader with targeting the Facebook algorithm will have more touchpoints to learn from, and automatically serve your ad to your target audience who are most likely to make a positive action.

This can keep your costs down as you will be reaching a lot more people when compared to specific targeting. As always do test any strategies on a smaller scale and check if the results are favorable and aligned with your goals – specific targeting is great when on a lower budget, but as scale up its best to go a bit broader.

10. Have A Long Term Strategy

You have to understand that unlike people on Google, your target audience are not ‘Searching’ for anything on Facebook or Instagram (unless, of course, they are in the marketplace). People are generally scrolling through their newsfeeds when your ad will get displayed. So if they engage with your ad, it means they were already looking for or intrigued by a product or service similar to yours.

For you to succeed with Facebook advertising, you should be thinking long term and not in short-term instant return model. Take, for example, you are in the real estate business and running ads to generate potential leads.

You need to run ads for your awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns. Since real estate is a niche with a long conversion cycle, you have to consider that when preparing your campaigns.

You will have to nurture your target audience into leads and into paying clients in the long run. This is the only way you can generate leads with a positive ROI.


Whether you’re a freelance social media advertiser, a small business owner or a digital marketing agency know that your business is unique and it will take a lot of experimenting, trial and error to find your sweet spot on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

That is why we have an AI & ML algorithm powered tool that can help you make data-driven decisions, say goodbye to guesswork and unpredictability. Make faster and smarter ad optimizations based on actionable insights from our continuously learning algorithm.

By using AdVize, you can solve all issues related to ad optimization. Whether it’s deciding on the right audience, choosing the right budget, or knowing when and where to place your ads, AdVize makes it a breeze.

 So why wait? Embrace the future of ad optimization with AdVize.

Join our waitlist today to get an 80% discount on our product that can easily optimize ads and maximize your ROAS on your Facebook & Instagram Ads.

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