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Facebook has evolved into one of the most successful marketing platforms. Whether you like it or not, it has proven to be an effective selling tool for many ecommerce entrepreneurs. Facebook Ads are a crucial aspect of your marketing tech stack if you want to promote your brand and sell your products.

Their parent company, Meta, has lately released a new suite of products called “Advantage+.” The purpose of these tools is to use advanced machine learning to help optimize, personalize, and increase the efficiency of your ads. The new ad campaign structure known as “Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns” employs advanced AI machine learning and requires only one campaign structure to help simplify your ads manager and decrease audience overlap in all of your campaigns. The primary goal of Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping advertisements is to display specific items from your website via a dynamically updated feed.

To get know better, let’s take a look at this!

What are the new Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns from Meta?

Advantage+ campaign was first launched in August 2022. The main features of Advantage+ is to simplified the campaign structure with the help of machine learning. Advantage+ shopping campaigns help retailers to manage multiple audiences and campaigns from a single integrated framework. You will be able to establish a single view across all channels as a result of this. You can then target specific customer segments based on their behavior, location, demographics, and other factors. This simplifies the process of creating and maintaining these campaigns, which should result in higher conversion rates and ROI. One of the primary advantages of having a consolidated account is that it can assist in getting those troublesome ad sets out of the learning period. With Advantage+, you can test a large number of creatives at a lower cost due to consolidation.

Facebook AI Machine Learning

The key selling point of these campaigns is the employment of AI or Artificial Intelligence (or very sophisticated computer programming wizardry). AI is used in the Advantage+ Shopping campaigns not only for targeting and audience acquisition, but also for campaign creation. You can set up an Advantage+ Shopping campaign in a matter of minutes because AI can populate the majority of the fields (and with data already in your Ads Manager).

The AI will make creative modifications automatically, allowing it to test over 150 different ad combinations inside any given campaign. It will generate media enhancements such as adding filters to your assets or automatically adjusting the brightness/contrast of photographs to what the AI thinks those values should be. Along from changing the creative level, the AI will also update the text each asset and per individual that views the ad. As a result of all of these minute tailored modifications to what people are seeing, the AI learns what kind of person is more likely to click on an ad.

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Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Benefits

Many of the ads accounts we’ve seen have a plethora of campaigns running. The Advantage+ Shopping Campaign aims to help simplify this issue by allowing you to run a large number of tests within the campaign using AI while only running one campaign. That is, in fact, the main selling point of running this type of campaign. Furthermore, machine learning determines the best combination of assets to create for each individual user who sees the ad.

The following are some of the key advantages of running Advantage+ campaigns:

  • The use of AI and machine learning to generate ad combinations, audience targeting, and optimizations without the need for human intervention.
  • Budget optimizations and AI suggestions that can support in determining the best campaign results.
  • Over 150 creatives will be tested within the scope of a single campaign! Setup takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Using the new AI, continuous learning and optimizations based on performance and account historical data are performed.
  • Introduces the new Budget Cap, which allows you to specify the percentage of your budget to be allocated to existing customers (retargeting).

Basic requirements for launching an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

To run Advantage+, you must use the following settings:

  • One ad per ad set
  • Single image or video
  • Ad with a website destination
  • Sales objective

Although many accounts and marketers advocate for having many ads running in each ad group, this new 1/1 structure may be more advantageous for lesser budget accounts because it will automatically create different variants of your advertising without much user involvement. This will give you more time to concentrate on other elements of your business.

How to Set Up Advantage+ Campaign?

To begin, launch Meta Ads Manager and select “Create” to begin generating a new campaign. You must pick “Sales” as your campaign aim for the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign to appear in the next steps.

Following this, your next pop up should look like this:

Continue by selecting Advantage+ Shopping Campaign. As previously said, making this pick will help you to build up your campaign much faster because the new AI incorporated in these campaigns will perform a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Make sure to name your campaign (ideally something with Advantage+ so you can clearly distinguish it from any other standard campaigns you have going), and if you want to examine some of the settings being utilized, click “See all preset settings.” It is recommended that you redirect users directly to your website for conversion track, with the Conversion event set to “Purchase.” This option should have already been selected for you.

Then, include the Audience Location. This is the country or countries where you want to market your products. You can choose as many sites as you wish, but keep in mind that this will have an impact on your budget (the more locations you have and the larger their populations, the higher the budget should be in order to effectively target and reach all these areas). If you have a limited budget, we recommend keeping your destination options as minimal as possible to prevent stretching a limited budget across too many different places. 

It is important to note that this is the the only audience targeting option available for this campaign type. You may be aware that in normal campaigns (which can be accessible by creating manual campaigns), you may target different demographics such as age or gender. But, the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign option allows the AI to freely learn who to target your advertising to by allowing it to do so in the area of your choice. Also, targeting by interests is not a possibility for the same reason.

With the above in mind, you want to know how consumers are converting because you have limited alternatives for targeting certain demographics, therefore it’s critical to evaluate the additional information that comes in from these campaign types.

Choose your target budget and, if necessary, your campaign’s start and finish dates. In most circumstances, you’ll want to pick 7-day click or 1-day view for the attribution settings. This setting will have an effect on performance and reporting, and data from this time range will be used to optimize ad delivery. Basically, you will only see results from this time period, and the 7-day click 1-day view optimizes those results.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the ads!

At the completion of the campaign settings, Meta will provide you with a list of suggested ads to run. These ads were picked from your Ads Manager because they have previously produced excellent results based on historical data in your account.

Our and Meta’s recommendation is to import all accessible ads in order to provide the campaign with as much data as possible to help it succeed. You may test over 150 creatives in a single campaign; the more data and variance you have, the better!

Don’t worry, these adverts may be altered at the Ad Level at any moment if you want to modify anything.


The new Advantage+ Shopping campaign is simple to set up! As a result, it’s not difficult to at least test it on your ads account. Even on a limited budget, it’s a fantastic way to rapidly build up a campaign and have it running alongside your current lineup merely to take use of the new machine learning. The AI may be able to locate an audience that you haven’t reached yet!

We’ve taught “Always be testing” in some of our prior posts, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before. With a few simple clicks, these new campaigns provide a quick and easy approach to test. We strongly advise you to check it out for yourself.

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