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For digital marketers, small business owners, and freelance social media marketers, running profitable ads and achieving their marketing goals is one of the sweetest feelings there is. To achieve good profitability on your ads and scale your business, it is important to optimize your ad campaigns based on their performance continuously.

If a campaign performs well and achieves its intended purpose, increasing the budget can get better results by reaching more people. On the other hand, finding underperforming ads early on can save unnecessary loss of capital.

These underperformers can be tweaked to increase their performance with a few changes to the targeting parameters or reworking to create a better copy.

As you can see, to optimize Facebook and Instagram ads, a lot of experience and professional insights is needed. 

This becomes quite challenging when you have multiple ad accounts, each having a number of ad campaigns. In this case, you end up wasting a lot of time optimising ads, which can be spent productively elsewhere.

Good for you some tools can help you optimize your ad campaigns efficiently without you having to spend a lot of time and money. These ad optimization tools use AI and ML algorithms to learn how to efficiently boost your ads and provide you with insights based on your ads performance. 

We have curated a list of 7 Ad optimization tools for Facebook and Instagram that can boost your ad performance and help you increase your ROAS and achieve your marketing goals.

7 Facebook And Instagram Ad Optimization Tools

1) AdVize – The AI-Powered Ad Optimization Tool For Facebook and Instagram.

AdVize Dashboard
AdVize Dashboard

AdVize is a Facebook and Instagram Ad Optimization SaaS platform that is powered by AI and ML algorithms that continuously learn and ensure efficient optimization of your ad sets. 

With AdVize, you can easily optimize your ads with just a click of a button. With AdVize you can connect multiple ad accounts with various campaigns and optimize them easily, quickly and efficiently.

Adsets are categorized into 3: Boost, Modify and Stop.

  1. Boost: This feature finds your top-performing adsets that can be scaled to increase sales, engagement and brand awareness.
  2. Modify: Spot underperforming adsets and course correct quickly to save money. Tweak your adsets based on AI recommendations that will help you quickly achieve your SMART goals and surpass your existing KPIs.
  3. Stop: Identify underperforming adsets that are wasting your marketing budget and stop them immediately with a click of a button.

AdVize’s AI/ML algorithms have been trained across multiple industries, including Fashion, Beauty, F&B, FMCG, Fintech, Travel, Hospitality and Apps – making it the ideal ad optimization tool for Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing professionals running Ads in these niches.

The AdVize platform is a great choice for marketers looking for the best AI optimization tool to help them max out the performance of their ads at a reasonably lower cost


AdVize’s pricing is based on the number of ad accounts that you connect with the tool irrespective of, the number of campaigns that you have within each. It costs $25/Month for a single ad account and $200/Month to connect 20 ad accounts.

Join the AdVize waitlist now and maximize your ROAS and business revenue at 80% off.


Wask Dashboard
Wask Dashboard

WASK is a digital marketing platform where users can connect their social media ads accounts to one single platform. You can create, publish, manage and track your ads on WASK. The tool has various features like Design Tool, Ad Publisher, Smart Optimize, Comment Manage, AutoPilot and more.

With the Design Tool, you can create your ad copy based on their ready-made design templates.  The Ad Publisher and Smart Optimize allow you to publish new ads, manage existing ones and optimize them from a single screen. One of their most interesting features is Comment Manage. It allows you to monitor the comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads.

WASK is a good choice for digital advertisers looking for a platform where you can create, manage, publish and track your ads.


The pricing is based on the number of ad accounts connected with the WASK platform. It starts from $19 /monthly for a single ad account to $89 /monthly for a maximum of 20 ad accounts.

3) Revealbot 

Revealbot Dashboard
Revealbot Dashboard

Large Enterprises and agencies with a huge spending budget that are looking for time-effective Facebook ad optimization can consider Revealbot

Revealbot is a Facebook automation tool that allows users to automate the process of ad management on autopilot. This tool helps you seamlessly manage the ad campaign and automate its strategies for better ROAS.

It comes with a more flexible automation constructor compared to the native automation rule of Facebook, making it much easier to work with. But that said, the extensive feature and the costly pricing make it ideal only for larger agencies and brands willing to spend a lot.


Revealbot’s paid version is based on your monthly ad spend across all connected ad accounts. It costs $83/month for up to $10,000 on ad spends across all your connected accounts and $2,519/ month for up to $3 million on ad spends.

4) AdRoll

AdRoll Dashboard
AdRoll Dashboard

Adroll focuses on brands and businesses in the e-comm niche. It lets you launch different social media ads and emails from a single platform.

Businesses can use this platform to run retargeting ads, brand awareness ads, and social campaigns. AdRoll, primarily a retargeting platform, uses Machine Learning to show your ads to your audience, which can boost your conversion rate.

It uses its own remarketing pixel to target ads to consumers who have previously visited your website. Its campaign analytics and insights are also helpful in finding out the right place to invest.


AdRoll has based its pricing on MUV – Monthly Unique Visitors of a website. For 1000 MUV and below, you have to pay $40/Month.

For up to 5000 unique visitors a month, they charge $80/month. The highest you would pay is $315/Month for over 25,000 MUV.

5) Madgicx

Madgicx Dashboard
Madgicx Dashboard

Madgicx is a cloud-based Facebook ad solution designed for large agencies and business marketers to improve ad performance and automate their ads. They primarily target ecommerce brands as they spend a lot monthly on ads.

Madgicx uses AI technology for Facebook ad optimization and also supports Facebook ad automation. It is an omnichannel advertising platform with 100+ audience targeting options. Digital marketers can leverage this to create a customized advertising strategy for all funnel stages.

The Madgicx platform also analyzes ad performances on different data points using an in-built feature. As a result, you can efficiently target the right audience category. Moreover, you can optimize ads with this tool to incrementally increase your company’s ROI by spending less on Facebook ads.


Madgicx like Revealbot, is based on your monthly ad spend. You start can accessing their tool at a base price of $55/Month, and the price can go up to $10,000/Month if you are spending $3 Million on ads.

6) TrustAds

TrustAds Dashboard
TrustAds Dashboard

TrustAds is an ad automation tool built to scale, monitor and optimize your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads.

TrustAds is part of a suite of digital advertising tools, along with TrustMSG and TrustReach, designed to empower social media marketers. This tool is useful for freelancers and small businesses looking to automate when their ads launch, pause and stop.

With TrustAds, you can set rules and criteria for your ads based on the performance metrics, they have up to 1,800 smart rules that you can use. This way, you can save time by eliminating the need to control your ads and reduce human errors.

TrustAds supports up to 150 ad accounts in the agency plan, and you will be notified each time an action is taken.


TrustAds have separate pricing for individuals and agency clients. Their pricing model is based on the number of ad accounts you connect with the platform. 

Individual plans start from $97.97 /month for a single ad account to $297.97 /month for 25 ad accounts.

For agencies, the plans start at $697.97 /month for 35 ad accounts and their Agency Mastero plan is priced at $1,997.97 /month, where you will be able to connect 150 ad accounts and access all their 1800 rules.

7) Adzooma

AdZooma Dashboard
AdZooma Dashboard

Adzooma is a digital marketing platform that helps you set up, manage, and optimize your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising campaigns all in one place.

The tool is able to pinpoint what is driving your online business’s growth and make the most out of your ad campaigns by leveraging machine learning and data science technology.

The Adzooma campaign builder feature allows you to build new online marketing campaigns. You also get personalized checklists to help you drive business growth. It also allows you to automate some of the work.


Adzooma has a flat pricing structure where all their features can be accessed for $99/Month paid on a monthly basis and $58/Month when paid annually.


Ad optimization plays a key role in meeting your business’s marketing goals, be it increasing engagement, reach following or revenue.

The tools mentioned above can help you get the result you want from your social media ad campaigns using less time and manual effort. 

AI can greatly improve your ad optmization capabilities as it is able to continuously learn and find the most efficient option available.

We hope this article on the 7 ad optimization tools for Facebook and Instagram helped you know more about the tools that can save you time and money by doing the heavy lifting for you.

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